John Kayser made photographs and films in California starting in the 1960s. His house and the streets of Los Angeles were stage for the private rituals that defined his obsession with female beauty. This singular and secretive body of work spans a period of over 20 years and was discovered only after his death in 2007. Kayser was born in 1922 in North Dakota but lived most of his life in California, first in Pasadena as a child and then in East Hollywood throughout his adult life. He served briefly during WWII as an armorer in the 18th Bomb Squadron, a military position that corresponds to his life-long employment with Northrup Aircraft Incorporated in Los Angles, first in assembly and later as a technical illustrator. Kayser’s work has been exhibited at Delmes & Zander in Berlin and Cologne, Galerie Christian Berst in New York, FARAGO in Los Angeles and The Journal Gallery in Brooklyn. His photographs are the subject of two books published by Ampersand Editions, Sitting and Rose.

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